The analysis of water is a vital necessity for today

The daily rate of drinking water by a person is more than 2 liters. Drinking this life-giving and cool liquid, we do not even think about its quality and useful properties. But it is water that is the source of life not only for a particular person, but for all life on earth.

The main tasks that are solved by an accurate water test are biological and chemical analysis. And only an independent testing center is capable of giving truthful and clear information on this issue.

What kind of water do we drink and use for life?

The ecological value of water at the moment causes a lot of doubt. Recent studies have shown that water has multiple impurities and toxic substances. Russian scientists have proved the relationship between the composition of the aqueous liquid and the general environment associated with environmental pollution. After all, each person not only uses water inside (he drinks, prepares food), but also uses it for bathing, watering plants, which he then uses to make food.

Types of daily used water:

  • Liquid supplied by pipelines.
  • Bottled water.
  • The imported water in tanks (used for swimming pools and the creation of artificial reservoirs).

Indicators of water quality are not only taste and visual values (color, transparency, taste, smell). In order to understand what kind of fluid we use, the experts of the testing center are obliged to assess objectively and qualitatively the state of water according to the microbiological and organoleptic composition.

Where to order an examination?

The independent research center performs complex water condition checks on the following grounds:

  • The presence of parasitic elements (rods, microorganisms).
  • The content of inorganic chemistry (phenol, arsenic, lead).
  • Control of radioactive substances in the water.
  • Stiffness and pH.
  • The presence in the elements of iron, sulfites, manganese, calcium, magnesium, processing of petroleum products.
  • The presence of chemicals in the water that are added during the extraction and purification of water – silver, chlorine, etc.

As the modern ecological situation shows, the need for liquid analysis is fully justified. Order an independent examination in the research laboratory to be sure of the ideal composition of your water.

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