Here you can find useful blog posts on biodiversity science, as well as new papers that are pushing the frontiers of the field

Value and importance of biodiversity

“The richest countries were the ones whose nature is most abundant” – Henry Bockle. Biodiversity is one of the fundamental phenomena that characterizes the manifestation of life on Earth. Reducing the level of biodiversity occupies a special place among the main environmental problems of our time. The consequence of the extinction of species will be […]

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Biodiversity protection: how and why?

Friends, if the process of destruction of biological diversity continues, all life on the globe will be seriously threatened. That’s why specialists place an emphasis on the protection of biodiversity. On the basis of modern knowledge, the Earth as a deposit of man and other living beings is the only planet on which life exists, […]

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Charismatic Orchids

By having an approximated 27 the household that is orchid is among the plant households inside the Angiosperms. In the same period, it harbors a significant number of species that is endangered, which makes it among the place households that are many susceptible as well. In the public, orchids have drawn broad interest because of […]

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An invasion mechanism adopted by an alien seaweed

Mahasweta Saha and collaborators have a fascinating document printed within the last problem (September) of Diary of Ecology entitled “Rapid variation to managing fresh microbial epibionts within the penetrated variety encourages invasiveness of a seaweed“. The guide writer of this article authored a post below explaining results and the framework of her study. Alongside environment […]

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Willows in Yellowstone

Big carnivores have succumbed to stress that was individual global. They’ve been hunted to total or near regional annihilation. There exhibits a recently available review1 their ongoing decline. The evaluation additionally outlined the occasionally unforeseen effects of decreasing amounts of these top predators, and also the immediate and oblique functions that big carnivores perform in […]

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Population ecology and transformative methods

For nearly a century place ecologists have realized that crops that appear to perish return more or two decades after their look, in certain variety. Steve Harper, the groundbreaking ecologist who established the phase for contemporary place ecology together with his documents on transformative methods to learning the Place Empire and his today perfect book […]

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Dispersal processes of plants

The journal of Ecology imprinted a Distinctive Purpose in issue 105.1 titled; Dispersal Methods working location movement: Selection modifications on the world that changed. One, of visitors marketers, shows the Special Feature below… more in regards. 105 microorganisms which are 1Most have to muster their propagules prevent suboptimal or poor local issues to avoid interspecific […]

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