Economic Planning and Environmental Conservation

In the recent years, environmental conservation has been an important factor incorporated in the economic planning of a state. Developed and developing countries have thoroughly executed and designed their economic planning processes in a responsible way to allow effective conservation of the environment. Scholars have argued that economic development does not necessarily contribute to the quality standards of living compared to environmental protection. Therefore, environmental protection is critical and should be incorporated in the economic plans of developing and developed states.

State governments ought to fund and channel respective platforms that promote environmental conservation initiatives. For example, countries may need to utilize the available resources of renewable energy at its disposal (Claudia, 2015). The costs of maintaining a favorable environment may be costly but will offer stable solutions to renewable energy problems. Hydroelectric power or massive solar energy systems may play a significant role in driving the economic force of a country (Lei and Guoqing, 2015). Furthermore, the recycling of waste materials will reduce the additional costs involved in waste management processes such as costs of transportation and disposal. The government needs to intervene and provide finances for these projects as private sectors allocate such resources inefficiently.

There are critical environmental concerns that the states should consider in its operations. Such issues include the extinction of many species due to dwindling habitats and the changing of climatic conditions due to the destruction of the ozone layer (Knight and White, 2009). These issues among others need to be addressed by various government states to allow the effective conservation of nature.

There are many environmental benefits that countries may stand to gain if they incorporate environmental conservation strategies into the economic planning of a country. Thus, to a great extent, the need of environmental conservation should influence the economic planning.

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