Every fifth baby in Beijing is born with a defect

We discover that British scientists have decided that degrees of cause publicity formerly decided to become secure are actually hazardous just like reviews of the rate were printed. Moreover, many digital waste dismantled in China is recycled back to consumer-products (and occasionally, unknowingly, in food) and offered back once again to the developed world.

In China, an increasing number of children with birth defects. In the past year, the level of newborns with defects in the Chinese capital averaged 20%. The number of infertile people in the country also increases continuously.

Chinese website “Caixin” on September 12 reported, citing the Beijing urban planning Commission of the birth rate, in 2013 with defects in Beijing were born of 14.68% of infants in families with local roots and 26,22% — in the families of immigrants.

The report said that, beginning in 1997, the level of defective newborns in the capital is continuously growing. So, in 1997 in the capital were born 90,78 baby with defects for every 10 thousand babies, and in 2008, these children were already 170,8 for every 10 thousand newborns. That is, in 10 years their number has doubled.

In the whole country the level of newborns with defects has increased from 87.67 per 10 thousand newborns in 1996 to 153,23 child in 2011.

According to the Ministry of health of China, in 2012 the level of babies born with congenital malformations in the country amounted to 5.6%, i.e. about 900 thousand children.

Among the most common defects in Chinese newborns observed physical deformities, chromosomal abnormalities, genetic metabolic disorders, dementia, congenital blindness and deafness.

Chinese experts say that the country is also growing and the number of infertile people, especially women. According to published on the official website of the “people hotel’s daily” the results of research, currently, infertility affects 12,5 – 15% of the population of China, about each of the eight families one of the spouses can not have children.

It is noteworthy that in Beijing, Shanghai and other economic centers of China the prevalence of infertility in humans is higher than in less economically developed regions. On average, it exceeds 15%. Only China currently has more than 50 million infertile people of reproductive age. The fourth part of them for a long time trying to heal from this disease, but to no avail.

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