Innovations in the treatment of industrial wastewater Part 3

Upon receipt of all data of the technological process of purification of sewage effluent for a specific region of the experimental complex later replicated systems will be the much cheaper project cost them in the 2-2.5 times below the first. Additionally, the access and extract of peat and sapropel sorbent for the processing and production of feed for animals and fish, fertilizer, and portamentos, which further reduces the cost of wastewater treatment complexes due to the sales of products.

Product cleaning fecal – peat-sapropelic sorbent is well dried, granulated. Processed and excess are used for animal feed and fertilizer. Waste peat-sapropelic sorbent – a wonderful fertilizer and, firming wind erosion development on sandy soils.

Nutritional value undeniable. This food readily eats many species of animals, fish, and poultry. Growing processes of bottom silt deposits, due to which during one season of the bottom of the drive drains can be deepened at 30-50 cm.

Well, eat water hyacinth nutria, preferring it even to the grain. They eat carp, carp, grass carp and other herbivorous fish. For checks to arrive by water hyacinth to feed wild ducks.

In combination with the bottom silts in the processing of hyacinth, you can get organic and organo-mineral fertilizers and humus. Also, it is possible to obtain an excellent organic fertilizer for growing mushrooms.

We supply water treatment systems as individually, and processing shops in fertilizers and feed additives.

Delivery time and cost of the complexes are determined by the customer’s specifications and claimed performance. Work in the countries of the Customs Union and outside it. All equipment, breeding material water hyacinth, peat and sapropel sorbent, the neutral organic coagulant and components produced in Russia. Moreover, water hyacinth in the second year and does not require additional delivery.

Feasibility and project justification an experimental complex purification of sewage water and its equipment include:

  • field and laboratory studies-laboratory work, calculation and justification of the process and equipment of wastewater treatment by water hyacinth, growing, planting and collection and processing into fertilizer or feed additive,
  • calculate the required amount of peat and sapropel sorbent and organic coagulant,
  • the conclusion of the disposal of “waste” water hyacinth and sorbent processing into marketable products,
  • the project of the experimental complex for the treatment of waste sewage and processing workshop of  receiving the packaged products, the specification production equipment and scheduling of entry of the enterprises into operation,
  • manufacture, Assembly, and supply of equipment, components according to the Specifications of the project,
  • installation, adjustment of equipment, planting of water hyacinth, filling peat-sapropelic sorbent with working tech enterprise mode.

Work on implementation of technology are made on the basis of the Contract and pre-financing of its stages:

  • obtaining baseline data of the feasibility study of the complex purification of sewage effluent for a specific object,
  • design and technical justification, equipment specification, and materials of the complex,
  • manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of equipment and materials, excavation works for the construction of a complex of sewage treatment, planting of water hyacinth, loading of peat and sapropel sorbent,
  • testing of technological modes of purification of waste sewage, the training complex of the local staff,
  • preparation of project solutions and specification of equipment and materials for the replication complex to other complexes in the region or the country as a whole.

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