Wonderful world that we lost Part 2

Technological civilization is the civilization of the parasite in relation to the living environment. Just look around you. Until recently, humanity embarked on the path of technological development, do not think about what will happen to our planet in the future. Only in the last 50 years, there was talk about the need to preserve and protect the natural environment, develop plans for long-term sustainable development. The problem with any technological civilization is that it can not be a long time to develop in the limits of one planet.

Based on other basic principles of manipulating matter based on the use of energy destruction, a technological civilization able to grow much faster than a nutrient, from which the growth process is directly dependent on the power flux that the planet receives from its Star. But this speed is not given technological civilization free, for her, she is forced to pay a huge consumption of energy and materials.Because of their energy wastefulness, sooner or later it will exhaust available on the planet of energy and bring the body of the Planet to such a state, after which it will no longer be able to function fully. And further, any technological civilization will have to stop its progress and enter into a state of stagnation, for example, due to very strict limits population by inventing the idea of the “Golden billion”, or it would need to begin expanding beyond their planet, to begin to capture strange new worlds, to sate their insatiable need for energy and substance.Gobble up our own planet, begin to devour the strangers.
When you begin to study living organisms and nature as a whole as a system, and not from the point of view of the biologist, but from the point of view of an engineer, you very quickly begin to understand that this system is many times more advanced than anything they have so far managed to create a modern technological civilization. We marvel at the machines and mechanisms that create, not even realizing how they are actually primitive in comparison with any living creature.

Imagine you’re driving in your car and suddenly discovered that you forgot to fill up petrol in the tank and the nearest gas station to go another twenty miles. But your car’s engine does not stall. To get to the nearest gas station, your car begins to process into fuel those plastic parts which are not critical for safe driving. Becoming thinner plastic trim, the plastic caps on the wheels, and other secondary details.And when you finally reach the filling and pour the gasoline into the tank, then your car begins to reverse the process, restoring the original thickness of all parts. Imagine that minor scratches and damage the surface of the car eventually disappear, overgrown new fresh paint. Tire tread on your car do not wear out because it grows again, and the small punctures drag themselves after themselves it restores the pressure in the tires. The car always knows what punctured a tire or received certain injuries, what immediately makes it known to you.Moreover, every spring your car a different tread pattern and the hardness of the rubber for summer, and every autumn back to winter. But if you suddenly fell asleep at the wheel, then there is no accident, as the car or he stops and stands to the sidelines to wait until you Wake up, or just himself slowly arrives at the house and parked in the yard. Fiction?

But in nature such possibility, most animals seem quite familiar and natural! Almost all organisms are able to starve, providing themselves with energy at the expense of less important for the survival of the cells of the body. And when the power mode is normal, then these cells will be restored again. Almost all organisms are able within certain limits to self-heal, including tissue regeneration of the external cover.Many animals that live in areas with a sharp change of climatic conditions, have the ability to adapt to these changes, depending on the time of year growing thick fur in the winter and less warm coat in the summer, and often changing its color to better camouflage in the process of spring and autumn molt.
And cases where the horse had brought his wounded, drunk or just sleeping in the cart master home, thus often saving him from death, described a huge amount. And I’m not talking about the fact that for the reproduction of the same horses do not need to build any metallurgical, chemical and engineering industries, to provide them with a lot of energy and raw materials, forcing to work for them tens of thousands of people. In order to obtain a new horse, we have a horse and a Mare that can do the rest yourself.
Why are these capabilities in nature not seem fantastic and incredible? Just because they are there and as it was always? Where did all these fantastic, but at the same time so familiar to all properties and the ability to live organisms? Where is all on earth a biosphere with a lot of connections between living organisms, which complement each other, functioning as a system?

Other materialists claim that no “God” does not exist, and in General, for the development of the Universe and the biosphere complex enough coincidences and laws of Nature that govern all. And then the matter develops by itself without the participation of the “great and Almighty”. Everything happens only by chance. And when people who are somewhat familiar with the mathematical theory of probability began to point to the fact that the random formation of all the diversity of relations in nature must well a very long time, they said, “Yes, no question!Four and a half billion years enough? Well, it means such age of a planet and writes!” And the Universe in General will draw $ 15 billion.

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In comments to the previous part, I even wrote the phrase: “Poor Darwin!”. Type, and how Darwin’s theory of evolution, which is supposedly from a scientific point of view explains how did all this diversity of living organisms on Earth? It’s based on a lot of facts and studies which confirm its conclusions. If you open Wikipedia on the page about Darwinism there, in the section “Anti-Urbanism” there’s even a phrase: “creationist Arguments stem from a superficial knowledge of the principles of chemistry, physics, Geology, and biology also put forward often do not pass any test to be scientific.”

All of this evidence looks very convincing, but only until, until you consider one or the other body as a separate entity that has to contend with the hostile environment. The failure of Darwinism becomes apparent once you realize that living organisms in Nature do not exist by themselves. They all interact, and not always clashing with each other. Quite the contrary, in most relationships between living organisms are not at all opposing or hostile.In fact, the majority of interactions between organisms in the wild are mutually beneficial, and thus formed a single ecological system, in which certain organisms perform which functions, which are necessary not so much to this organism as the whole system. Special attention deserves the fact that in fact in nature there is a constant relentless struggle for survival, as we are trying to convince modern highly politicized “science”.The struggle, of course, is the place to be, but only when for some reason there is a shortage of certain resources. But when resources are in excess, then each of the organisms takes exactly what he needs for existence. No predator will kill if it is fed. It is only inferior modern man kills for fun. If the pasture has enough grass, there would be no struggle for it between herbivorous animals, they will graze peacefully nearby.But most importantly, almost all animals have a particular function that is needed is not so much the animal as the whole ecosystem in General. Often this feature requires from this animal is quite complex behavior, the occurrence of which cannot be explained by Darwin’s theory.

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