Land Ecology

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Ecology of Lake Baikal: pollution problems of the largest lake

Lake Baikal is the oldest freshwater reservoir on our planet. According to approximate calculations of geologists, the history of the lake is estimated at more than 30 million years. Despite such an impressive age, the reservoir itself is unusually clean and transparent. However, in view of the nature of modern production processes, the waters of […]

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Influence of reservoirs on water quality

Water is one of the most important resources, which determines the scale and pace of economic development. The growth of the population, the development of industry and agriculture on the one hand make ever greater demands on the amount of water, and on the other, negatively affect the quality of water, depleting and polluting the […]

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The large regions on the Earth’s surface

Savannas and grasslands inhabit big parts of the area but are especially predominant in mild dryland and exotic/subtropical areas. These types perform a vital part within helping the requirements of the population through the supply of numerous environment services as well as in the operating of the biosphere. An essential area of the world’s grasslands […]

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Siberian “passage to another world” is growing

We’re speaking frankly about the large crater shaped in Siberia and growing about the average by 98 toes (about 30 yards) crater is found in the permafrost area. 1960 was shaped within by a gap -is – it had been subsequently, cutting the Siberian woods down permitted sunlight to get a very long time to […]

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The Positive Ecology

Lately in Character (485:149) my ASU friend Daniel Sarewitz cautioned that study has been altered with a ‘powerful social belief’ that ‘progress in technology indicates the continuous manufacturing of good conclusions,’ producing a ‘pervasive bias’ because of ‘an insufficient bonuses to record damaging outcomes, duplicate tests or identify inconsistencies, ambiguities and uncertainties.’ He evaluated the […]

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From teaching to research

Fall is definitely an extremely hectic training period for me personally – my bad justification to be sluggish with my content actions for this diary (including publishing this website)… yes, I actually do often feel responsible for a lot of falls. Lately, I trained a-4 week MSc Ecology program on ‘Soil-Place-Pet Interactions’ and presently I’m […]

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Our woody world

There are lots of methods to define a place, but possibly everybody (such as the first-known Theophrastus of Eresus, among Plato’s pupils) begins having an easy difference between woody crops.On the planet, we required an estimation of the percentage of species to get a current research study about the development of the easiest place characteristic […]

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Plant Population Ecology

We’re happy to declare that Jenni McDonald has been choosing to get the Postdoctoral Excellence Honor from the Environmental Culture of America’s Place Population Ecology area on her Diary of Ecology document, “Transients generate the demographic character of place communities in variable environments.” This paper was a section of a BES mix-diary Special-Feature “Demography Beyond […]

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