Wonderful world that we lost Part 3

For example, consider beavers, who lead a rather complicated life. In order to breed, they build a hut, the entrance to which is under water. But just to build a hut thus on the banks of the existing river or lake of beavers not satisfied. In addition to building very intricate homes, they also build on the forest rivers dam, often very decent size, slowing water flow and creating a backwater. In these pools, they build their amazing hut with an underwater entrance. In itself, this behavior is quite complex.How it could occur beavers only through natural selection and mutations, is a separate question that so far from any supporter of Darwin’s theory of response could not be obtained. It is obvious that from the point of view of a particular living organism, it is possible to pull the ears the appearance of the ability to build a home with an underwater entrance, but that is how beavers appear the ability to build dams on rivers? Which mutation generates such a complex behavior?

How to beavers realized that in order for the water level in the rivers dropped in the summer when there are no long rains, they have to spend a lot of time and effort to build a dam across the river, which, incidentally, is not quite a simple construction from an engineering point of view. It is only at first glance it seems that to make a solid dam on the river very easily. Especially when you consider that the beavers manage to build gigantic buildings!

Here’s what you can read “A giant dam built by beavers in the province of Alberta, Canada. The length of the dam is 850 m. It is the largest dam in the world. It can be seen even from space. Early record in the construction of dams also belonged to Canadian beavers. The dam built on the river Jefferson reached a length of 700 m.
The dam can be the envy of even the 380-meter high Hoover dam on the Colorado river. According to experts, beavers build a dam in a National Park, wood Buffalo has long – since 1975.

But the most important thing is that the dams that beavers build on river streams and rivers are very important for the entire ecosystem as a whole! This, incidentally, is mentioned in the article about Canadian beavers. Confirm it and our local environmentalists, who note that now in many places began to return the beavers began to build their dams, which immediately changed the water balance of rivers and streams, as water ceased after the spring floods and rains quickly drain down.This has also resulted in increased groundwater levels that almost immediately affected the condition of nearby forests and other vegetation. And if earlier the forests in these areas were killed, now actively started to grow, even despite the drought that we in the Urals occur regularly.

In other words, the function performed by beavers building their dams, are very important not only for the beavers themselves but for the entire ecosystem of the forest as a whole. And this is no random mutation and natural selection can not explain. Random mutation and natural selection can affect the properties and quality of the individual organism that knows nothing about the rest of the ecosystem and its needs.Moreover, natural selection means that the animal must try to become better and more efficient than the other competitors, only in this case, according to Darwin’s theory, it has chances of survival and transmitting their genes to offspring. Any extra activity and functionality, which does not focus on the body, and outward, will by definition reduce its effectiveness because it means additional consumption of energy and time.
What additional functions should be performed by the system elements, which are aimed at ensuring the functioning of the system itself, not this particular item can only know either the system itself or the person who designs the system.This means that either Nature itself is an intelligent entity that created the beavers and gave them the necessary additional functionality, either for the ecosystem there are still some intelligent entity that we can call it the Creator, or, more precisely, the Creators, because most of those living organisms and ecosystems that we see today on our Earth, was created by our ancestors. Because of additional functionality, which is aimed at maintaining functioning ecosystems in General, there is the vast majority of living organisms.The beavers are not a unique case, although this example is very revealing. Upon closer examination, we quickly find out that many organisms are specially created to complement each other. They fit each other like a key fits its lock.The flowers can be pollinated only by specific species of insect, which they reward with nectar, plants that produce substances that are useful for certain animals, the worms, which ensure the normal nutrition of the root system of plants, fungi, on the one hand, receive the necessary substances from the roots of trees, and on the other, which helps these trees to collect from soil minerals, etc.
In fact, in a normal healthy ecosystem, we in most cases will observe between living organisms are not fighting for survival and mutually beneficial engagement. And that such behavior is a Natural source, for that matter, the divine model of behavior.

With all this diversity of living beings was not created in one moment. The Creator together with people gradually developing and refining its collaborative creation. Improved plants and animals, invent new, more efficient designs and patterns of interaction, optimizing metabolic processes. And it is this process of gradual development and improvement of the Biosphere we are now trying to pass off the action of blind chance and natural selection proponents of Darwinism.Although it is enough to include the brains to see what in nature was exactly the same process of improvement and development which is in the technosphere thanks to the creative potential of the people.Try to apply the postulates of Darwin’s theory, for example, to the history of the car, and you can easily see there and “random” mutations, in the form of various technical solutions and ideas, and “natural selection” from the set of these options that we really are in this case called market competition, but the point is they are one and the same — to highlight the best and most efficient solutions, by weeding out the bad.

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The complex biological environment that we see on Earth, part of which we are the same and are not originated by itself. And it’s not even that the number of living beings, their properties and qualities are too many for a random occurrence. All these organisms are linked together in a single interaction system, functionally complementing each other. Many of these organisms have a very complex program behavior, the analysis of which indicates that the author of these programs is very well aware of the functioning of the whole system.And in most cases, it was his understanding far exceeds our current knowledge of nature and understanding its processes. We are only now beginning dimly to understand what actually functions in the ecosystem perform certain living organisms.

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